Hawk Mountain Eco-Tours

2017 Pronatura-Veracruz River of Raptors

Hawk-Watching Excursion
September 27-October 5

Tour leaders: Laurie Goodrich, Ph.D., Director of long-term monitoring at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and Eduardo Martinez, Pronatura Biologist.

Veracruz River of Raptors is the world's most concentrated raptor migration with 4.5 millon hawks counted annually. This tour is timed to be there for peak of Broad-winged Hawk migration, when daily raptor counts may number as high as 200,000! 

It's the hawk-watching experience of a lifetime!

Download the Veracruz 2017 flyer for more details on activities and costs. 

Hawk Mountain and Raptours LCC: Premier Eco-Tours

The global touring company Raptours, L.C.C. and Hawk Mountain have partnerned to bring the very best birding excursions focused exclusively on raptors. Each tour is designed to connect you with spectacular concentrations of birds of prey and/or a large variety of species, including those rarely seen.

Raptours donates to Hawk Mountain 15% of profits for every tour booked by a Sanctuary member. Why? Because today Raptours is owned and operated by Hawk Mountain trainee graduate Sergio Seipke. He believes the partnership provides him the opportunity to give back to an organization that has meant—and still means—so much to him.

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India: Raptor Wonderland
Date TBA  (Previously Nov-Dec)
Tour leader: Bill Clark, ornithologist, long-time tour leader, expert photographer, and Sergio Sepke, a trilingual Hawk Mountain leadership trainee and owner of Raptours LLC Tours, which supports Hawk Mountain.

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