September 07, 2016

Updated QR Code Trail Guide

Guided travel to the top, right from your phone!

As you travel along the Lookout Trail to North Lookout, you may notice several posts with QR codes displayed. A series of 12 numbered posts correspond with information about Hawk Mountain and its cultural and natural history. Visitors should use the QR Code Trail Guide in order to locate all of the stops and to supplement the experience.

The trail guides can be found in the Visitor Center or under the trail map in the Information Pavilion just outside the Native Plant Garden. You may also print out the PDF for free by clicking here

We recommend using the Digimark app for scanning the codes. It is the most successful at scanning the codes and connecting to the webpages when on the Mountain. 

The QR codes and guide were updated by former Education Intern Amy Jaskot while at Northampton Community College. 

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