April 06, 2015

Print your Endangered Raptors coloring calendar pages

A Hawk Mountain science-education learning tool

Download the coloring calendar now

It's not too late to download and print copies of our Endangered Species of the World coloring calendar for children. This functional learning tool is a joint project of the conservation science and education departments.

The book was created by authors and illustrators Amy Fenstermacher, Kendrick Fowler, and Crystal Wessel, three summer field experience trainees, with asisstance by Sanctuary graphic designer Wendy Frew. The calendar was edited by Director of Conservation Science Dr. Keith Bildstein and Director of Education Erin Brown who also provided oversight.

The calendar features one endangered or threatened raptor per month with information on the species' location, population, current status, conservation conserns, and links for more information, along with a list of 93 additional raptor species of concern.

Baker Tilly