February 10, 2014

Pete Dunne receives lifetime achievement award

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has named Pete Dunne the winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award in outdoor writing and in the fields of birding, education and wildlife habitat conservation. The award was presented on January 13, 2014 at Zeiss’ annual writers party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When he was seven years old, Pete Dunne was presented with two instruments that would define his life: a pair of binoculars and a book about birds. Together the tools transformed the woodlands behind his suburban home into a world of discovery and wonders.

Chief Communications Officer of New Jersey Audubon and Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, Pete Dunne uses his talents and energy to make the natural world real for others. Through books like Pete Dunne on Birding, The Wind Masters and Hawks in Flight, regular columns that have appeared in Birding, Bird Watcher’s  Digest, WildBird, Birdwatching, American Birds, Living Bird, the “New Jersey Section" of the New York Times and frequent speaking engagements in the United States, Canada and abroad, he weaves information, insight and even fantasy into a net that captures minds and hearts.

A field birder with an international reputation, he has served on the board of the American Birding Association and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and is the founder and a 30-year veteran of the World Series of Birding. 

When not working, writing, traveling, or birding Dunne spends his time with wife Linda and the couple’s Cavaliers, Liza and Mackenzie, in the riverside hamlet of Mauricetown, NJ.

Pete Dunne this year is teaming up with Hawk Mountain to write the foreward to an updated and expanded edition of the classic The Mountain and the Migration: A Conservation Legacy, slated to hit shelves in autumn.

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