July 17, 2015

International education opportunity

Hawk Mountain-Mexico Partnership

A day at the million-raptor watchsite in Veracruz, Mexico

Hawk Mountain seeks a sponsor to support a unique opportunity that supports the mission: to provide leadership in raptor education worldwide.

Hawk Mountain educators have been invited by the Veracruz River of Raptors Project to model our world-class raptor education programs for youth at the Macuiltepetl Ecological Park in Xalapa on August 10-11, 2015.  A graduate of the Hawk Mountain Conservation Science Trainee Program currently serves as lead educator at the site and is eager to learn from us and build a strong educational partnership.

Programs would take place during a scheduled summer camp and would cover the broad-winged hawk and the peregrine falcon, two raptors that connect our North American watchsite with our raptor conservationists in Central and South America. The goal is to use Hawk Mountain materials and data, demonstrate our programs, and assist the educators in Mexico in replicating our work.

Major Objectives:

Young people gather to learn more about raptors inside the new observation tower and education center at Veracruz

  • Connect with our Mexican education partners and support the growth of raptor conservation programming in Central America.
  • Provide Hawk Mountain conservation science and education materials for their use in future raptor programs, in particular our bilingual learning aids.
  • Provide leadership in raptor education and maintain ongoing mentorship between educators at Hawk Mountain and those in Central America.
  • Use the experience as a basis for a grant proposal to support two raptor education workshops that connect raptor education in the Americas. One workshop would be held at the River of Raptors site in Veracruz for Central and South American raptor educators and the second would be held at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for raptor educators in North America. Educators would come together to learn how each site offers raptor programming, share program materials, and receive updates in raptor conservation efforts. Fundraising would be more successful based on a past positive experience such as the one being offered.


The observation tower and learning center

Costs include airfare, food and lodging, the purchase and shipping of Hawk Mountain materials used in programs, and cost to create and ship new Spanish materials to leave at the site. The approximate cost for the trip is $2,000 and a breakdown is available upon request.

To sponsor: Contact Director of Education Erin Brown at 610-756-6000 x208 or President Jerry Regan at 610-756-6000 x213.

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