October 25, 2014

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hosts “Golden Eagle Saturday”

See a live golden eagle up close

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary guarantees the chance to see a live golden eagle up close on November 8 at 10 am, noon, and 2 pm courtesy of Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. This event is free and coincides with the peak of golden eagle migration at Hawk Mountain.

Programs begin at 10 a.m. in the Outdoor Amphitheater (indoors in event of rain) with a live presentation of a golden eagle. The educators at Shaver's Creek will also present at least one owl and one hawk species along with the golden eagle. Other programs will be held at noon and 2 pm and will last approximately 45 minutes.

A solitary bird of deep forests, the golden eagle is North America's largest bird of prey and is recognized by its enormous size, gold feathers on the back of the head and neck and overall brown color. In flight, the species can reach speeds of up to 150 miles per hour when diving and their wingspan can stretch as far as seven feet wide. Golden eagles have also been known to fight off large mammals such as bears or coyotes while defending their young, making this a truly impressive predatory bird. Recent studies show that golden eagles do winter in Pennsylvania, but their secretive nature makes them difficult to see outside of the autumn migration.

The best time to see golden eagles at the Sanctuary is early November, and this also is the best time to see both a golden and bald eagle on the same day. An average 124 golden eagles pass Hawk Mountain each autumn, the majority during the first two weeks of November.

Celebrating 80 years in raptor conservation, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is the world's first refuge for birds of prey and an international center for raptor conservation. The 2,500-acre Sanctuary, 8-mile trail system and Visitor Center is open to the public year-round. A trail fee or membership dues supports local to global conservation programs, including public education, professional training and scientific research programs. Visit to learn more.