Hawk Mountain is…

An Important Bird Area

Hawk Mountain is an Important Bird Area

Red-Tailed Hawk in flight at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Red-Tailed Hawk in flight at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

  • 265 species documented since 1934
  • 96 species have nested at least once
  • More than 65 species regularly nest
  • Each year about 150 bird species migrate through or winter on-site

Through monitoring and biological inventory, the Sanctuary has refined our understanding of bird distributions on Hawk Mountain, and has pinpointed breeding and wintering habitats by species. Inventory confirms that many declining neotropical migrant birds, including Scarlet Tanagers and Wood Thrushes, are abundant nesting birds here. Eight of the 10 most common nesting species on the Sanctuary are forest-interior neotropical migrants, including our most common nesting bird, the Ovenbird, a ground-nesting warbler.

About Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Founded in 1934, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is the world's first refuge for birds of prey and an international center for raptor conservation. Our 2,600-acre mountaintop preserve offers incredible scenic overlooks, eight miles of trail, a Visitor Center, native plant garden, and the Acopian Center for Conservational Learning. Please visit us today, or help support our efforts through volunteering or becoming a member or donor today. With your help, the world will gain a greater appreciation for the natural world and conserve birds of prey.