Hiking Hawk Mountain

Overview of the trail system

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Review the Pictorial Trail Guide (under construction)
Read a detailed description for each trail, with corresponding photos. Hawk Mountain offers 8 miles of trails over 1,400 acres.

Check out the QR Code Trail Guide that can supplement your hike on the Lookout Trail with cultural and historical info about the Sanctuary. 

Hiking basics:

  • Come prepared. Wear hiking boots and carry a daypack. See tips now
  • Trails range from easy to challenging. Pick the right trail for you
  • Review the pictorial trail guide (under construction)
  • The South Lookout is just 300 yards from the Visitor Center.
  • An all-terrain wheelchair is available year-round
  • A golf cart is available during peak weekends (call ahead first: 610-756-6961)
  • The trail to the North Lookout is a 2-mile, round-trip walk from the Visitor Center
  • The River of Rocks, Skyline, Escarpment and Golden Eagle trails are challenging

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Scenic Lookout Trail

  • The Scenic Lookout Trail is the most used trail. 
  • The path to North Lookout is a moderate, one-mile walk to the summit.
  • The trail winds along the ridgetop, cuts into the oak forest, and passes through a thick grove of hemlock.
  • A volunteer-made but seemingly natural stone staircase leads visitors up the final steps to the top of the world.

Trails for the Experienced Hiker

  • Check out our more detailed trail descriptions page to learn about the Golden Eagle, Skyline and River of Rocks trails. 
  • If you're really adventurous you can explore our Skyline trail, which eventually connects to the famous Appalachian Trail, just beyond the Santuary's boundary. 


mary tornetta

9:55 AM on November 26, 2011
We trek in Nepal and we bring groups to Hawk Mountain to prepare for the hiking in Himalayan foothills. Thank you for doing such a great job of creating this beautiful and safe trail complex.

Hemanta Dhakal

1:19 AM on June 12, 2012
Thanks for visiting Nepal. There are a lot of short trek trials and high hills from where we can observe raptors and their migration trial.Please let me know and help people who come to Nepal for bird watching .
Hemanta Dhakal, Pokhara, Nepal
M.Sc.Zoology, Conservation Biologist.
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