Fees & Directions

Trail fee for Non-members

Trail fees support raptor conservation

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7

Children: $5  (ages 6 to 12)
Members: FREE
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Why a Trail Fee?

Hawk Mountain is not a state or federal park, but a member-supported wildlife sanctuary operated by the non-profit organization, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association. Your trail fee supports:

  • Protection of hawks, eagles and falcons around the world
  • Local to international research to learn more about birds of prey and migration
  • Public education programs focused on birds of prey and migration
  • The year-round operation of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • Land conservation to protect 2,500 acres at Hawk Mountain (and counting!)

Please pay your trail fee at the Visitor Center. Hawk Mountain Members receive free admission year-round, and are renewed annually. You may purchase a membership on the day of your visit, or online now.