Accessibility at Hawk Mountain

Accessible Silhouette Trail to South Lookout

Photo by Jacqueline Dormer, Republican Herald

The newly opened, ADA accessible Silhouette Trail to South Lookout is 900 feet long with a grade of less than 8.3 percent, below the federal quideline for national parks. Most areas are even less steep and overall, the trail averages an 8 percent grade.

Bench seating with pull bars are located every 100 feet.

This trail currently features a life-size vulture silhouette gallery, which you can learn about here


Silhouette trail entrance

Trail connects to the Laurelwood Niche, a secluded area for education programs and designed to provide space for a wheelchair or stroller.


The South Lookout includes a smooth, flat, and natural viewing area with one bench with pull bar. Nearby are two additional benches that offer a place to rest. Binoculars are recommended at all Lookouts.

Trailside restrooms are located near the trailhead entrance and also are ADA compliant. A bench with pull bar is located near the restrooms.

Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden features a brick walkway that is accessible by wheelchair. The pathway makes a short loop and includes a viewing deck over a small pond. Gates are opened during the daytime hours.

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center main floor is accessible and restrooms feature an accessible stall. The downstairs gallery is not accessible.

The Visitor Center includes birdfeeder viewing areas on both sides of the building.

An accessible parking lot is provided with designated parking spaces.

Irma Broun-Kahn Education Building

The Irma Broun-Kahn Education Building was upgraded and expanded in 2013 and is now both fully-accessible and multi-functional. The building is used for education programs, meetings, or Hawk Mountain special events, by appointment only. Accessible parking is provided.

Acopian Center for Conservation Learning

Acopian Center

Hawk Mountain's headquarters for conservation science, the Acopian Center is a private research facility and training site that is closed to the public except by appointment or invitation. Opened in 2002, the Research Center and both residence buildings are ADA compliant. Accessible parking is provided at all three buildings.

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