Graduate Student Program

Meet the Graduate Students

Each year Hawk Mountain offers competitive grants to graduate students working on raptors at major universities throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Support is limited to areas of interest to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, including the movement ecology, conservation status, and protection of birds of prey. Recent projects have involved studies of the flight behavior of long-distance raptor migrants in Panama, the conservation status of Turkey Vultures in the Falkland Islands, the migration behavior of Turkey Vultures in North, Central, and South America, and the movement ecology and flight behavior of five species of vultures in East Africa.

The Sanctuary's Acopian Center provides a model setting for library research, proposal writing, analyses of field observations, and thesis and dissertation write-ups.

For more Information: 
Dr. Laurie Goodrich, 570-943-3411 x106 or [email protected]
Dr. JF Therrien, 570-943-3411 x104 or [email protected] 

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