Other Ways of Giving

Gifts of Stock

How to give a gift of stock

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Be sure to consult with your financial advisors first. Then, let us know a gift is coming by emailing Business Manager Shelley Davenport (610-756-6000610-756-6000 x204) and Director of Development Mary Linkevich (610-756-6000 x212) the amount.

Stocks can be transferred electronically by your broker to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary’s account at Vanguard:

DTC ID:   0062   Vanguard
For Credit to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Account:  #32796191
Vanguard Contact:  Eric Salzer, 800-662-0106 x14043

Securities held by your broker
Inform your broker in writing that you wish to give appreciated securities to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Be sure to let the broker know when you'd like the transfer made. Share the information above.

Certificates you hold
If you hold the actual stock certificates, you will need to sign a stock power form for each certificate you contribute. You may obtain a stock power form from any broker or financial institution. When you sign the power, be sure to sign your name exactly as it appears.

When mailing certificates, use two envelopes. In the first, place the unendorsed certificates. In the second, place the completed stock power(s). Mail to us on the same day by certified mail. Gift date is determined by post mark.

Mail to:
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
1700 Hawk Mountain Road
Kempton, Pa  19529