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Commitment to Transparency

The Hawk Mountain staff are here to serve you and the mission.

Hawk Mountain wants you and every member of the public to know as much as possible about how we operate and use your donations.

Financial Disclosure
Our goal is to be completely transparent, providing our latest financials:
2015-2016 Audit
2015-2016 IRS Form 990

Donor Privacy and Important Policies
Our Privacy Policy is available online as are:

Document Retension Policy 
Whistleblower Policy 
Conflict of Interest Policy

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for the financial health of the organizations, sets policies and hires and reviews the President. Board service is voluntary, and members receive no financial compensation. The board meets three times per year with the annual meeting in early November. Committees may meet more often.

Scientists, Educators, Bookstore, Administration and Support