Hawks on the Wing: Seeing Beyond Field Marks

October 05, 2019

5:00 PM

Visitor Center Gallery

2019 Autumn Lecture


Hawks in flight bring a sense of wonder and struggle to birders, especially when it comes to identifying them at a distance.  Field marks are not enough when back-lit conditions and birds miles out lack any color.  Flight ID has long been the best way to identify hawks at a distance, however books only take it so far.  Join hawk watcher Josh Haas as he shares the principles of how hawks migrate so efficiently, a look at some of the famed hawk watches east of the Mississippi, the evolution of hawk ID and see clips from his movie “Hawks on the Wing." This movie brings an innovative new way to learning hawks in flight.  Josh’s program and movie also feature side-by-side videos of hawks in flight, making conquering the technique much faster and easier.

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