Full Moonrise Yoga

January 20, 2019

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Acopian Center


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Imagine gazing at the moon above Hawk Mountain through a two story treetop-inspired window. Just like the ocean tides, the full moon influences our own rhythms, enhancing whatever we are strongly feeling at the time. Through yoga, we can tap into this potent lunar energy to restore balance between feeling grounded yet expansive, dreamy yet called to action. The full moon is a powerful time to set your intentions and move mindfully! Enjoy a cup of Chandra (Moon) Chai Tea after class. 

Join Brenda from the local studio Yoga B Yoga, as we tune into the unique messages of the full moon through meditation and movement!  No yoga experience required. Participants also receive a complimentary trail pass. 

Additional Details:

• Bring your own yoga mat
• Yoga will take place in a temperature controlled indoor space.
• Parking and restrooms available
• Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and get settled into this beautiful space
• Feel free to bring any crystals or gems that you would like to infuse with the moon’s energy.

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