Education Building: GRAND RE-OPENING

July 13, 2013

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Education Building (The Common Room)

Common Room Transformation--Now Revealed!

The Irma Broun-Kahn Education Building, formerly called "The Common Room."

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9 am - 3 pm
Education Building open all day for viewing, tours and/or programs
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Celebrate the opening of our global headquarters for raptor education at the newly renovated and expanded Common Room. Our goals were to:

On Grand Re-Opening Day, tour the building and see all the new features, while you also enjoy an education-packed day of programming, including talks on history, wildlife, issues in bird conservation, and more.

Jack Hubley: Master Falconer and Naturalist Extraordinaire!

SNAKES: Venomous or not?
10 am, Education Building
Shuttle departs from Visitor Center.

1 pm, Feathered Hunters
Outdoor Amphitheater
Shuttle departs from Education Building to the Amphitheater

DCNR Dedication

Noon, Education Building
Shuttle departs from Visitor Center

We're pleased to announce that Cindy Dunn, Deputy Secretary at the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources--who also is a long-time Hawk Mountain MEMBER--will be on hand to dedicate the building at noon. This dedication is open to the public, and we hope you join us to celebrate our success. Joining Cindy will be Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach, and granddaughter and grandsons of Hawk Mountain founder Rosalie Edge.

Rosalie Edge Biographer Dyana Furmansky

The biography of Hawk Mountain founder Rosalie Edge by Dyana Furmansky

10 am, Visitor Center
Rosalie Edge: Hawk of Mercy and Mother of the Environmental Movement

1 pm, Education Building
Rosalie Edge: An early vision for Integrated Research, Education and Outdoor Recreation
Shuttle departs from Visitor Center

If you are interested in HISTORY, then you'll love this program. Dyana returns to the Mountain, and shares her insights on the decade of research she spent writing the first biography of our founder Rosalie Edge. Perhaps no one else is quite as intimate with our archives, personal letters, and historic photographs than Dyana.

Dyana's talk will focus on Mrs. Rosalie Edge's commitment to education and Rosalie's relationship with Irma Broun, for whom our new Education Building is named.

Scott Weidensaul: Author, Educator and Ornithologist

Scott Weidensaul with a barred owl

11 am, Education Building
Shuttle departs from Visitor Center

Pulitzer-prize nominated author Scott Weidensaul is a long-time Hawk Mountain board member and the author of more than two dozen books on natural history, including his widely acclaimed "Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds."

Scott Weidensaul is an active field researcher with a passion for sharing nature with others. Join Scott to learn more about the history of education here on the Mountain, and how the people and the place have influenced his own life's work.

Porcupine Pat McKinney: Guided Natural History Walk for Kids

Porcupine Pat McKinney with a group of young people

11 am, Visitor Center
Wee Ones (and big ones!) Nature Walk

"Porcupine Pat" McKinney has been delighting people of all ages for more than three decades as the Environmental Education Coordinator at the Schuylkill Conservation District. His programs focus on informal learning in the outdoors, and are always a delight. Use your senses to explore and look for shapes, colors and textures found in nature around the Sanctuary with Pat.

Appropriate for children ages 3-7 who expresses an interest in the outdoors. Not so wee ones are also welcome too!  

Susan Gallagher: Bats, bats bats!

1 pm, Visitor Center, (downstairs gallery)
Bats, bats, bats!

Chief Naturalist at the Carbon County Environmental Center, Susan Gallagher has been presenting programs about bats for more than two decades and is considered an expert in her field. 

The bats, bats, bats program will include information on the biology and behavior of bats in general, with special mention of our local bats, and the hazards they face. WNS is continuing its march across the continent, and estimates are that about 7 million bats have perished. Pockets of resistance seem to be popping up, even here in PA. Though the slow reproductive rate of bats will in all likelihood prevent them from reaching pre-WNS numbers in our lifetimes.

Susan will also talk about the many myths and misconceptions surrounding bats. Although Susan will bring live bats, and while the public may not handle or touch them, she will also bring along interpretive specimens that people may handle and pass around (a bat skeleton, a jar of guano and the

Dan Klem, Jr., Ph.D.: Birds and Glass--a Deadly Interaction

2 pm, Education Building
Shuttle departs from Visitor Center

Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr., Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology & Conservation Biology at Muhlenberg University, is a former Hawk Mountain board member, and ornithologist who has devoted his career to studying bird collisions with glass. “If a building is killing birds, it’s not green to me,” he says. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary listened.

At the Education Building you can see one treatment to create bird friendly windows, but other options are available, including the Acopian Bird Savers that we use at the Acopian Center and in the Visitor Center. Thanks to Dan, we know how important this is: he estimates that at least a billion birds die annually across the United States by colliding with windows, making it the second-largest manmade threat to birds after habitat loss.

Join Dan to learn more abouto this human threat and how you, too, can save birds.

Guided Hike in search of Eagles

3 pm, Depart from Education Building.
Return to Visitor Center.

Join Dr. Laurie Goodrich for a guided hike from Schaumboch's Tavern to the Lookout. Along the way you'll learn more about the habitats you pass, and the cultural and natural history of our Sanctuary. A stop at the South Lookout will provide the option to depart back to the Visitor Center or to continue on to the North Lookout where we will scan the skies in hopes of spotting the first migrating bald eagle of the 2013 season. 

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