2021 Veracruz River of Raptors Tour

Sept 28 - Oct 7 Main Tour

10 days including 2 nights in northernmost rain forest in the Americas 

Cost: $3600
(will include hotels, meals, ground transportation, entry/guide fees, NOT airfare)

Tour leaders: Dr. Laurie Goodrich, Hawk Mountain Director of Conservation Science and Eduardo Martinez Levya, Pronatura Biologist

The trip co-led by Hawk Mountain and Pronatura-Veracruz, original founders of the Veracruz River of Raptors Project, will explore central Veracruz birding hotspots and spend time viewing the raptor migration at the height of the Broad-winged Hawk migration at the worlds’ largest hawk migration concentration watchsite. 

Viewing will take place at the Veracruz bird observatory or the roof of the Hotel Bienvenidos, and morning birding trips will visit coastline and inland birding hotspots. Several days will be spent inland away from the watchsites to find birds found only in Veracruz highlands. Cultural highlights include Zempoala pre-Colombian Ruins and the National Anthropology Museum with extensive Olmec collection.

The trip concludes with 3 days, 2 nights in Catemaco, the northernmost rain forest in the Americas, for a unique wildlife experience. Attendees have the option to depart the trip before this portion begins. 

Click below to download the 2021 itinerary, which includes all details about the trip. Please email Laurie Goodrich at [email protected] with any interest or questions!

Veracruz Eco-Tour 2021 Flyer & Itinerary