Seasonal Sanctuary Stewards Make a Difference

Posted on in Blog by Todd Bauman

Caroline Fegley – stewardship blog 12/1/23
After earning a bachelor’s degree, the outside world was pressuring me to attend graduate school, but how was I supposed to commit to a career field without experiencing every option first? Since 2021, I’ve spent seasons as a raptor researcher, educator, and this year a stewardship technician searching for whichever path was right for me. 
This past winter while working on a mural for Todd Bauman, I asked him if I could join his stewardship team for the summer. I knew it would be tough, and to join the crew I had to be ready for hardcore workdays but spending work in the woods seemed infinitely better than a desk. Within the first week, I’d used more new tools and skills than I could count to help timber-frame an info kiosk at the main trailhead. After four years of weightlifting and rock climbing, I thought I was strong, but at times could barely keep up with Brandie lifting and throwing wooden beams onto the workbench. Could I match my crew’s pace for the entire season?