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Pennsylvania Game Commission announces lead gift

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On March 16, 2012, the Pennsylvania Game Commission announced it would provide the lead gift of $250,000 to complete design and architectural drawings, and build the Pennsylvania Game Commission Amphitheater at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.


“A partnership between Hawk Mountain and the Pennsylvania Game Commission makes sense,” explained Sanctuary President Jerry Regan. “For more than 77 years, Hawk Mountain has successfully promoted wildlife watching, in particular bird watching and hawk watching, and birding is the fastest-growing outdoor pastime in the nation.”

The partnership also helps the Game Commission reach a general public audience, a new goal in its strategic plan. “We want Pennsylvania citizens to appreciate our role in enhancing the quality of life by managing and protecting our wildlife resources,” said Executive Director Carl Roe.

Hawk Mountain is ideal because it aggressively promotes the Sanctuary as an outdoor destination and encourages visitors to explore the rich diversity of wildlife both in the air and on the ground. The large majority of people visiting Hawk Mountain will also visit the Outdoor Amphitheater, providing a critical opportunity to connect more people with the Game Commission’s mission and its importance.

For Hawk Mountain, the partnership is another step forward in its four-phase, $10 million capital improvement plan. Phase I resulted in the transformation of the Sanctuary’s historic "Common Room" into a truly world-class Education Building, dedicated July 13, 2013. Next, the Sanctuary intends to break ground for its Outdoor Amphitheater perhaps as early as winter 2013-2014.

“The current amphitheater is completely underutilized because it offers no sheltered stage area and the wooden benches retain moisture. Early plans call for a timber framed, covered stage with proper sound and lighting, and a setting that not only make programs more enjoyable for the audience, but also will open up more opportunities for programming,” says Sanctuary President Jerry Regan.

The final two phases will include a scenic gateway project to address parking, visitor flow and to develop a sense of arrival, and finally, to open a truly green building at its Visitor Center.

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