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Bringing Nature Home (paperback) 
Bringing Nature Home (paperback)

On Sale Now - Save $2.95 (other discounts do not apply) "Tallamy's message is loud and clear: Gardeners could slow the rate of extinction by planting natives in their yards." —The New York Times If you imagine the suburban American dream home, what comes to mind? A white picket fence, two cars, and a perfectly mowed lawn. But something is missing from this picture. By trading wild spaces for uncontrolled expansion and replacing native species with alien species, we've threatened the survival of wildlife. Bringing Nature Home offers a simple solution that anyone with a patch of earth — no matter how small — can follow: Make a contribution to biodiversity by choosing native plants. Bringing Nature Home passionately argues that it isn't too late to save ecological communities, and that we all have a significant role in the process.
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