Teacher Workshops

Professional Training for Formal or Informal Educators

Hawk Mountain hopes to inspire public, private, formal, and non-formal educators with new tools, activities, and curricula for the classroom. The goal: make it as easy as possible and keep it affordable. Each workshop costs just $10 per person.

For Information or to Register:
Director of Education Erin Brown
610-756-6000 x208 or brown@hawkmountain.org

American Kestrel Webcam: March 30

Friday, March 30
9 AM-3 PM, Education Building

Register by contacting Erin Brown at brown@hawkmountain.org

FREE, courtesy of Lyric Wild Bird Seed
Includes light breakfast, free materials, and more

This free workshop will provide Pennsylvania elementary and middle school teachers with lesson plans and activities that use Hawk Mountain's live American kestrel webcam footage as a focus for learning. Hawk Mountain educators will review the lesson plans and journaling options and demonstrate how to use them in conjunction with live footage via the Internet or by using recorded video links from the 2014 and 2017 nesting pair.

Approved for Act 48 hours, teachers who participate will receive several benefits to encourage continued use of the materials and subject matter. Teachers who complete lesson plans or journaling in the classroom also will receive a FREE classroom visit by Hawk Mountain with a live kestrel. Complimentary posters, books, maps, and copies of curricula and learning activities will be provided for all attendees.

Teachers who participate also are invited during the summer months to join a scientist in the field to observe kestrel young being measured and banded, which will further boost continued use of the materials in later years.

Broad-winged Hawk Curriculum: June 9

More info to come soon!

Black Vulture Curriculum: October 6

More info to come soon!

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