Raptor Camp

For the up-and-coming naturalist

Our week-long Raptor Camp is held annually each summer in mid- to late-July or  early August and is perfect for young naturalists, particularly those interested in the outdoors, birds, and raptors. Each day includes a hike to a scenic lookout, use of binoculars, a chance to meet Sanctuary scientists, and a focus on a specific raptor species, along with fun activities and crafts. To learn more or to register for the next camp, call Director of Education Erin Brown at 610-756-6000 x208.

To learn more, browse some photos from Raptor Camp 2015 or scroll to view video clips, lesson plans, or helpful Powerpoint presentations that can be adapted for your own raptor camp. 

Raptor Camps 2017

For those entering grades 4-5
July 18-20, $150 (Members, $125)

For those entering grades 6-8
July 24-27, $200 (Members, $175)

Videos from Raptor Camp

Raptor Camp travels to Veracruz, Mexico

Raptor Camp Day 1: Owls


Raptor Camp Day 2: Hawks and Falcons

Raptor Camp Day 3: Eagles and Osprey




Raptor Camp Day 4: Vultures

Raptor Camp Power Points

If you have any questions or are interested in obtaining the accompanying Power Point presentations, please contact Director of Education, Erin Brown. (brown@hawkmoutnain.org)

Baker Tilly