Pledge to Fledge

April 27, 2013 to April 28, 2013

9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Visitor Center

Pledge to Fledge Weekend
Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28
Introduce someone new to birds and birding!

Beginners Bird Walk: 9 am, Visitor Center. Trail fee applies.

Raptorthon: 9 am-4 pm, North Lookout. Trail fee applies.
Join Dr. Laurie Goodrich to tally northbound migrants and spot birds during this fun, outdoor fundraiser to support raptor monitoring and education at Hawk Mountain and the Hawk Migration Association of North America. Pledge per bird, make a flat donation, or simply join Laurie in celebrating migrants both big and small. Day’s tally and species list posted on website, Facebook page, and in Visitor Center. Rain date is Sunday, April 28. 

Richard Crossley: The Past, Present, and Future 
6:30, FREE. Visitor Center.
Meet internationally acclaimed birder, award-winning author and wildlife photographer Richard Crossley, the namesake behind the revolutionary “The Crossley ID Guides,” including his latest guide to RAPTORS which includes a plate showing the view from Hawk Mountain. Richard also is a passionate proponent of Pledge to Fledge, and intends to popularize birding through multi-media, social networking, and simply making birding more fashionable so that the youth of today will become game-changers for bird conservation tomorrow.

During his talk, Richard will explain the logic behind his new guides and how they can help all birders improve ID skills, and will interest both young people and new birders of any age. The key is to move away from the static field guide, and instead show species set against its habitat, forgo taxonomy and instead focus on one group per guide, and with many images per species. The kestrel plate, for example, shows photos of the falcon against a rural landscape, and includes a perched bird holding a mouse, a female hovering high, a kestrel at a nestbox, and the often-observed bird on a wire. Combined, one plate provides a clear snapshot of how the kestrel looks, behaves, and where to find them.

Binocular Basics, 10 am. Included with trail fee.
Held near South Lookout, 100 yards from the trail entrance.
Binoculars are the primary tool for wildlife watchers and researchers, but do you really know how they work?  Borrow Hawk Mountain’s binoculars (or bring your own), and learn what magnification means, the difference between a 7x35 and an 8x40, the proper way to focus, and how to better zoom in on your object. This easy intro is great for adults and children, and a favorite for scout groups. Test-drive your newly learned skills at the South Lookout, or by locating our wooden raptor silhouettes hidden in the woods. 20-30 minutes.

Raptors Up Close, 11 am & 2 pm, FREE. Outdoor Amphitheater.
See a live hawk or owl up close and learn about the adaptations that put these winged predators at the top of the food chain. 45 minutes.

Name that Raptor: Noon, North Lookout. Included with trail fee.
Sit back and relax while our conservation trainees review with visitors the basics of hawk ID, using wooden silhouettes painted with key field marks and tips on flight behavior, to help you better recognize our common raptor migrants.

PLEDGE TO FLEDGE: Sunday,April  28                                                                                                                       Birds and Bagels with Richard Crossley
10-Noon. Visitor Center.
Suggested donation $3 (or more!) supports Pledge to Fledge Initiative.
Crossley returns to sign books, chat with visitors, and watch for birds in and around the Visitor Center. Afterward, consider a walk to the lookout, or take part in a regularly-scheduled weekend program.

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