Artists & Locations

10th Annual Hawk Mountain Arts Tour and Sale
Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 9 am - 5 pm
FREE Self-guided driving tour. Held every year on the first Saturday in June.

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Todd Gladfelter: Blacksmith Artist & Chainsaw Carver (#1)

At Hawk Mountain Visitor Center where Todd will demonstrate his craft
1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, Pa 19529

Artist Contact: 85 Red Mountain Lane, New Ringgold, PA  17960-9524

Todd Gladfelter is an artist with several specializations that include working with metal, wood and carving logs by chainsaw. As a blacksmith, he forges metal using traditional tools and techniques to make a wide variety of items. He chainsaw carves hefty logs into birds and other animals, and creates a wide array of handmade fine furniture including cabinets, mirrors, and jewelry boxes. Gladfelter will display samples of all of his work, and will demonstrate his blacksmith trade at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Willi Singleton: Wood Fired Pottery (#2)

Pine Creek Pottery (Willi's home/studio)
843 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA  19529

Willi explains that making pots is like cooking.  You have to start with good ingredients to get a flavorful, satisfying result. By using local clays (from Hawk Mountain and the Northern Chesapeake), and various ashes for glaze (wood, bamboo, and corn stalk) he tries to make pots with a pleasing flavor.  Using a wood flame to fire these pots enhances the character of these materials.  Although there are not many obvious ash deposits on his pots, the variety of colors and textures in them are largely due to the wood flame interacting with the clay and glaze materials, just as food cooked over an open fire carries a taste of the flame and smoke.

Angie Wagner: Basketry, Gourd Weaving, and Chair Seating Supplies (#3)

The Country Seat basket supply store
1013 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529-9321

The Country Seat also will feature photographs & cards by 13-year-old Kempton photographer Kira Synnestvedt. Kira’s work highlights the beauty and peace of this bucolic area.

Angie is a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen who specializes in handwoven baskets, gourd art, beaded and woven jewelry and marbled silk and silk/wool scarves. She and her parents Donna and Bill Longnecker operate The Country Seat, a supply store featuring a complete line of basketry, gourd weaving and chair seating supplies as well as basketry classes from local, national and international instructors.

Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed and Breakfast (#4)

Host Location: Displaying the work of wildlife artist Dave Hughes and metal relief sculptor Rick Summons

33 Hawk Mountain Rd., Kempton, Pa  19529

Built in 1879, Pamela's is an impressive country Victorian home located on Hawk Mountain Road that has been painstakingly decorated and updated for comfort and convenience. Guests receive breakfast prepared using natural and organic ingredients.

The bed and breakfast also includes the family's Celtic Folkworks shop featuring traditional Celtic designs and treasures from carefully selected artisans, as well as Pamela's yoga studio which provides weekly classes in yoga, meditation, pilates and more.

David Hughes: Wildlife Artist (#4)

At Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed & Breakfast (#4 on Map)
33 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton 19529

Artist’s Contact: Deer Trail Studio, 123 Deer Trail Drive, Schuylkill Haven, PA  17972
570-385-0906 or,

David specializes in birds of prey, songbirds and other wildlife on canvas and offers pencil sketches, acrylics, watercolors and most recently, paintings using coffee.

Rick Summons, (#4)

At Pamela's Forget-Me-Not Bed & Breakfast (#4 on Map)
33 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton 19529

Artist’s Contact: Richard Summons
172 Mail Route Road, Sinking Spring, PA  19608

Rick Summons creates fascinating naturalistic, surrealistic, and abstract works of art using a variety of materials, including bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, laser-cut steel, gypsum cements, stoneware, porcelain, bonded metals and stone, and his work blends naturalistic and surrealistic scenarios.

Rick is known and collected nationally and internationally for his bas reliefs, available in bronze, bonded metals and stone, and as ceramic tiles. His bronze reliefs are mounted on dark green silk in a bronze toned wood frame, while marble pieces are presented on black velour in a black shadow box, and both are available in traditional darkened or Verdi-Gris patina.

His steel pieces are made from images cut in 7 gauge steel and powder-coated in a variety of 80 different colors, then each sculpture is mounted on grey or mahogany granite base and used for interior and exterior presentations.

Jonathon Bond: Landscape Artist (#5)

Jonathan Bond, Fine art landscapes
59 Kempton Road, Kempton, PA 19529

Bond is a self-taught illustrator and well known for his murals that adorn churches, barns and businesses throughout Berks County.  He also provides mural restoration services, and creates unique signage for local companies. A strong advocate of local history, in 1997 he founded the Albany Township Historical Society. Today his work focuses on the simple essence of the Kempton area and a collection of his work has been compiled in his recent book, “Pinnacle Landscapes.”

Jeff Dietrich: Redware & Stoneware Potter (#6)

Historic Log Home in Trexler
403 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529
610-756-6988 or

Jeff’s log home in Trexler, as well as the entire village of Trexler is on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is located directly across the street from Albany Township Historical Society. Jeff creates stoneware and redware pottery inspired by the work of early artisans of Albany Township.  His whimsical birds as well as other traditional motifs inspire his work. Jeff's work is available for sale at other times of year at Wanamaker's General Store or through personal appointment.

Jeff will also host Barbara Strawser, folk painter.

Barbara Strawser: Pennsylvania Folk Artist (#6)

At Jeff Dietrich's Historic Log Home in Trexler (#6 on Map)
403 Old Philly Pike, Kempton PA 19529

Artist’s Contact: Barbara Strawser Gallery
108 S Market Street, Schaefferstown, Pa  17088
717-949-2374 or

Barbara Strawser is a third generation Pennsylvania German folk artist and self-taught painter whose work depicts animals, gardens, farms and everyday living as experienced in her surroundings in rural Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks County, Pennsylvania. Barbara has been painting since childhood and her paintings can be found in collections and galleries around the world.

Charles S. Eckenroth: Woodcarving & Sculpture (#7)

Artist Contact: 49 Old Philly Pike, Kempton, PA 19529  or

Charles (Chuck) Eckenroth is a woodcarver and sculptor, creating custom works such as totem poles, signs, and figures.

Charles uses local hardwoods wherever he can salvage them from and only uses a chainsaw to "rough out" the figures sketched onto the wood. He then continues carving with a hatchet and details his work with various chisels.

Charles will be carving throughout the day and will be available to answer questions. Most of his work is carved on commission but some works will be available for purchase. He can work on site or is able to deliver.

Charles Eckenroth also creates other functional art works and is a self-employed photographer ( You can see more of his sculptures at

Wanamaker's General Store (#8)

HOST LOCATION: Featuring Dennis Kutz's woodturning, and Industrial Funk Designs, the hand crafted modern jewelry by sisters Laurel and Jessica Feeser. Also on the porch is Laura Weishaupt from Kisatchie Studio with nature inspired fused glass barrettes and small wares.

8888 Kings Highway, Kempton, Pa  19529

Wanamakers is an old-fashioned, family-owned general store that offers everything from groceries and homemade deli items to locally produced crafts and made-in-the-USA toys. This is a great place to get lunch during the Arts Tour: Call ahead and order so you don't have to wait. Menu is available on their website. 

The store was built in the late 1870s from brick manufactured in the adjoining meadow, and timber milled from the slopes of the Blue Mountains in Northern Lehigh County. Since then the store has remained operational through three Pennsylvania families—the Reinharts for 74 years, David and Deborah Bond for 25 years, and now by Arian and Tim Hungaski since May 2007.

Today, the Hungaskis carry on the Wanamakers tradition as a full-service general store. We offer quality groceries, locally produced foods, arts and crafts, hunting and fishing licenses, and homemade deli items.

Dennis Kutz: Woodturning (#8)

At Wannamaker's General Store: 8888 Kings Highway, Kempton, Pa  19529
610-756-6609 or

Artist Contact: 240 Woods Road, Kempton, PA 19529 or

Dennis Kutz worked as a public educator for a number of years and learned carpentry work with a fellow school teacher over the summers. Kutz took up woodturning as a hobby upon his retirement in 2007. Soon after he began crafting handmade bowls and other items.

Kutz's woodturnings are made using PA woods, specializing in traditional and contemporary bowls. All of the wood used comes from a naturally fallen tree or a dead one. Kutz never destroys a living tree for his craft.

Kisatchie Studio: Fused Glass Art (#8)

Exhibiting at Wannamaker's General Store. Artist Contact:

Kisatchie Studio is the namesake of artist and nature photographer Laura Weishaupt who makes functional art and wares crafted from beautiful fused glass. Specializing in barrettes, these one of a kind pieces are all inspired by nature and a percentage of every barrette sale helps fund biological inventory projects at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Graphic designs from midieval wood cuts to art nouveau and a bit of whimsey also serve as inspiration for small plates, pins and pendants made by studio partner Rick Bortnick.

Kathy Miller: Photographer and Author (#8)

Exhibiting at Wannamaker's General Store. Artist Contact: Celtic Sunrise, PO Box 174, New Ringgold, Pa  17960. 570-943-2102 or

Kathy is a teacher, cellist, nature photographer and author of the award-winning children's books Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden, Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden and Chippy Chipmunk: Friends in the Garden, books which also feature her own photography.

Kathy's multi-media nature program has been presented to numerous libraries and schools across North America. Highly engaging and interactive, it includes aural and visual components about backyard nature. It includes tips on photography, video clips and a hands-on burrow building simulation. Kathy will display a variety of her nature-inspired photos and photo-gifts and will sign copies of her books.

Deborah Powell Kramer: Stained glass artist (#9)

At Deborah's home/studio overlooking Leaser Lake
8567 King’s Hawkway, Kempton, PA  19529

Also hosting Joanne Minnick, metal sculptor; Wilfriede Axsmith, handpainted silks; and Barry Middleton, woodworker.

Deborah's work includes windows, custom work, original designs, decorate pieces, stained glass hangings and stars, candlesticks and more.

Joanne Minnick, Metal Sculptor (#9)

At Deborah Kramer's home and studio (#8 on map), where Joanne will demonstrate

Artist Contact: Joanne Minnick, 570-449-7282 or
Joanne's home and studio lies at the base of Hawk Mountain, where the changing colors and textures of the ridge continue to inspire her unique welded metal sculpture and ornamental art. Joanne sculpts each piece through traditional hand forging and brazing as well as plasma cutting and tig welding, and uses a variety of metals, including copper, brass and steel, each with its own varying patinas.

Joanne strives to achieve a natural but unique effect in her work, making each piece durable as well as attractive, and so the long-lasting properties of metal and its unique beauty appeals to her artistic drive.

Her business, Elemental Metal Design, sells metal wall art, home and garden sculpture, and ornamental metal piece, and custom work typically takes 4-6 weeks. Her work also is displayed and sold at The Arts Barn in nearby Schuylkill Haven.

Barry Middleton: Fine Contemporary Furniture (#9)

A hand-crafted table made from antique floor boards, walnut and ebony

Exhibiting at Deb Kramer's home

Contact: Woodsongs, 633 Harrison St, Pottsville, PA 17901. 518-461-3644 or

Barry got his start in woodworking as a child working with his father refinishing antique furniture and went on to design commercial art and mixed textile dyes professionally. His combined life and professional experience led to develop Woodsongs, a unique blend of color, texture, and design in functional and ornamental wood items.

Barry specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces designed to fit a room or place of business.  After developing a shared vision with the client, he carefully selects the wood, uses few modern tools, and employs classic woodworking techniques such as halflap, spline and rabbet simple joints. He uses his own unique finishing formula which incorporates no additional colors or stains, allowing the natural hue of the wood to glow.

Woodsongs is a development of a unique sculptural panel that has a wide variety of uses; Wall sculptures, doors, cabinet doors, tables and other furniture, boxes, serving trays and more. Woodsongs functional items become works of art, not just utensils.  Doors become passages, shutters become vistas, screens become tableaus.

Dan Christ: Wildlife Artist (#10)

Dan Christ Art Gallery, 23 Spitzenberg Lane, Kempton, PA  19529
610-756-6342, or

Dan Christ is recognized for his highly detailed and accurate studies of turkey, deer and bear in natural settings. Other subjects include a historical piece, the 1920s view of downtown Kempton for the 125th Anniversary of Albany Township. The print was so popular that he intends to create a historical series. His most recent addition to his repertoire is painting wildlife profiles on turkey feathers and wildlife puzzles.

Most of Dan’s paintings are a result of his hunting and hiking experiences. They often begin with actual settings that depict perfect habitat for his subjects. The wildlife is blended into the scene to capture the thrill of a wildlife encounter anyone can appreciate.           
Giclee prints on canvas are done on an ink-jet printer using six colors, improving the quality over the traditional lithograph print. The canvas print is varnished and framed similar to the original oil painting, eliminating the need for mat and glass. It is the closest thing to hanging the original.

Dan is pictured working at his home and gallery where visitors can meet him and his wife Pat, view his work and purchase originals or prints.

Mark Amey: Hand thrown Pottery (#11)

189 Blue Rocks Rd., Lenhartsville, Pa  19534

A native of Lower Bucks County, Mark has been working with clay for over 30 years. Beginning as a production potter, he continued to practice pottery as a hobby while he developed a career in home building and design. After a brief hiatus, Mark reestablished a studio in his home in Lenhartsville. Mark now creates unique, one-of-a-kind functional pieces. They are primarily made with stoneware clays that are reduction-fired using simple oxides and glazes. The simplicity of the finish compliments the natural qualities of the clay and the beauty of each form.

Also at Mark's home and studio will be Brett and Amanda Amey exhibiting their printmaking and pottery. Brett and Amanda Amey can be reached at 484-553-0347 or

Jeff Kahn Sculpture: Kinetic Sculpture & Jewelry (#12)

308 Blue Rocks Rd., Lenhartsville, Pa  19534

Also hosting Lindsay Adams, potter.

In 1971 Jeff began working on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia, and after two years of working for professional jewelers he set up his own studio and began designing, producing and selling his own line of custom jewelry. He continued to design jewelry as well as furniture and experimental sculpture while he attended the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art where he experimented with different mediums including wood, metal, glass and electronics. Over the next few years he worked in machine shops, jewelry shops, and furniture manufacturers, learning the tools and processes needed to design and engineer things.

In 1984, he began designing and building computer-operated sculptures that would activate up to 5,000 light emitting diodes, thus imparting movement to the pieces. His work in kinetic sculpture had begun.

During his career Kahn has continued to progress towards his ultimate goal of creating large kinetic outdoor pieces of sculpture. His present collection of work is titled “Unseen Forces”. Combining all the skills learned as a jeweler, machinist and wood worker these pieces explore a very delicate balance between hard metal, precious wood, tiny sapphire bearing surfaces and imperceptible currents of air to provide an unlimited range of movement and design.  His pieces are exhibited in private collections, corporate settings and museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Bloomingdales in New York, the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, Tyler Arboretum, Roche Bobis, Philadelphia, and Bill Nye "The Science Guy."

Lindsay Adam: Potter (#12)

Exhibiting at Jeff Kahn's home.

View Lindsay's work online at:

Lindsay Adam from Hamburg Pa, crafts handmade high-fire stoneware dinnerware specializing in colorful coffee mugs. She graduated from Kutztown University in 2009 with a BFA in Fine Art & Art Education and volunteers as a Hamburg Area Art Alliance member.

Eric Claypoole: Hexsign Artist (#13)

227 Schock Road, Lenhartsville, Pa  19534

Eric Claypoole is a traditional hex sign artist, creating art that dates back hundreds of years. By researching, lecturing and hand painting these cultural icons, he hopes to preserve a heritage that is quickly becoming a lost art. Eric's work carries on a long family tradition: Johnny Claypoole, his father, began painting hex signs in 1962, and he was taught by the legendary Johnny Ott, the self-proclaimed "Dr. of Hexology."